EGER, SAMUEL (Perez Sanwel) BEN JUDAH LOEB (1769–1842), German talmudic scholar and author. Eger, the grandson of akiva eger the Elder, was born in Halberstadt. After studying at his father's yeshivah, in 1809 he became rabbi of Brunswick where he served until his death. He had one of the most acute minds of the talmudic scholars of the time, engaging in halakhic correspondence with his cousin, akiva eger (the Younger) of Posen, and with moses sofer , who was related to him by marriage. A staunch opponent of the Reform movement, he took a firm stand against the innovations of the Kassel Consistory. Although in principle he was opposed to changes in the liturgy, he stated that he would not oppose those changes which were not contrary to the Shulḥan Arukh. His insistence on the retention of Hebrew in prayer was motivated by his belief that it was a necessary link uniting all Jews throughout the world. His published works include Ateret Paz and Rimmon Pareẓ, novellae on the tractates Beẓah and Ketubbot (both Altona, 1823); and homiletic discourses delivered on Sabbath Devarim (1837) and Sabbath Mishpatim (1829). The bulk of his work, talmudic novellae and responsa, comprising an extensive correspondence with the rabbis of Eastern and Western Europe, remains in manuscript. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Herzfeld, in: AZDJ, 6 (1842), 412, 460f., 762–64; B.H. Auerbach, Geschichte der israelitischen Gemeinde Halberstadt (1866), 103, 216–22; L. Wreschner, in: JJLG, 2 (1904), 33. (Jacob Haberman)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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